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We will be a global leader of advanced energy and environmental technology for next generation.
Welcome to NAiEEL Technology!

Naieel Technology was established by the researchers from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute on the 9th of September of 2015, for the commercialization of BNNT and its applications. BNNT presents similar thermal conducting and mechanical properties compared with CNT, while its thermal/chemical stabilities, biocompatibility, electric insulating, and thermal neutron absorbing properties are much higher than those of CNT. Due to these superior properties, BNNT is currently under exploration in many areas of IT, space/nuclear, bio-medical, and energy.

BNNT is particularly important for space and nuclear technologies due to its excellent mechanical, thermal, and neutron absorbing abilities. We will provide the best service in the BNNT business as well as its applications for the development of more reliable and efficient energy and environmental technology for next generation.

Even though the first step we take now may appear small, we will do our best to meet the goals. We will not stop taking the responsibilities for the society and human beings as a global leader in this business.

We know why we are doing this business, know now is the right time, know what to do, know how we can manage it, know where we have to go, and now......need you who can share our vision, dream and philosophy for TOMORROW. Please watch us, support us, and join us to make our dream come true together. May GOD bless you!.

Dr. Paul Jaewoo Kim CEO/CTO


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