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We will be a global leader of advanced energy and environmental technology for next generation.
Welcome to NAiEEL Technology!

Naieel Technology was established by the researchers from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute on the 9th of September of 2015, for the commercialization of BNNT and its applications. BNNT presents similar thermal conducting and mechanical properties compared with CNT, while its thermal/chemical stabilities, biocompatibility, electric insulating, and thermal neutron absorbing properties are much higher than those of CNT. Due to these superior properties, BNNT is currently under exploration in many areas of IT, space/nuclear, bio-medical, and energy.

BNNT is particularly important for space and nuclear technologies due to its excellent mechanical, thermal, and neutron absorbing abilities. We will provide the best service in the BNNT business as well as its applications for the development of more reliable and efficient energy and environmental technology for next generation.

Even though the first step we take now may appear small, we will do our best to meet the goals. We will not stop taking the responsibilities for the society and human beings as a global leader in this business.

We will share our vision, dream and philosophy with you for naieel.
Please watch us, support us, and join us to our journey.
May GOD bless you!.

Dr. Paul Jaewoo Kim, CEO/CTO


  • 08
    • ScaleUp TIPS Matching Investment and Matching R&D
  • 07
    • Listed as 50 Best Companies to Watch 2023 by The Silicon Review 2023(US Magazine)
  • 06
    • Listed as 쏷OP 10 NANOTECH SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS IN APAC 2023 by The Applied Technology Review (US Magazine)
  • 05
    • Investment from ubiQuoss Investment and T-Investment / BNK
  • 05
    • R&D project funding approval for 쏝NNT based additive for liquid electrolytes (US$0.5M for 2 years)
  • 04
    • Begins Korean Government sponsoring ATC+ Project under collaboration with SBU/BNL/MURR (~USD 2M for 4 years)
  • 02
    • MOU with CMT Corp. for global BNNT business enhancement
  • 10
    • Certified as a 쏮aterials-Devices-Systems Specialized Company (냼遺옣 쟾臾멸린뾽) from Korean Government
  • 07
    • INNO-BIZ(湲곗닠쁺떊삎以묒냼湲곗뾽) Granted from Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Republic of Korea
  • 05
    • Honored as a "Naitional Resentative Innovative Company 1000"
    • Project Funding Approval from Ministry of SMEs and Startups ($350,000)
  • 02
    • Investment from TheWellsInvestment and ActnerLab for Production Scale-up
  • 01
    • Confidential Agreement with Dow Chemicals(US)
    • Distrubution Agreement with NanoMats (Canada)
  • 12
    • IPCERT(吏떇옱궛寃쎌쁺씤利) Granted from Korean Intellectual Property Office, Republic of Korea
  • 08
    • MOU with KAERI
  • 07
    • Relocation of Head Office to Shinsung R&D Sector
  • 03
    • Selected as "Company of The Year in 2020" among "Top 10 Advanced Materials Tech Companies in APAC" by Manufacturing Technology Insights (US Magazine)
  • 08
    • Selection of POST-TIPS Program
    • Relocation of US Subsidiary Naieel Co. to Columbus/OH
  • 06
    • OEM and VENDOR Regstration to Sigma-Aldrich (US)
  • 02
    • Distribution Agreement with GoodFellow (UK)
    • Investment from TheWellsInvestment
  • 12
    • Investment from KBD Bank and ActnerLab
  • 02
    • Distribution Agreement with NanoIntegris(Canada)
  • 12
    • Two Patents Transferred from KAERI
  • 04
    • Certified as a Venture Company by Korean Government
  • 03
    • Joined to Korea Research and Development Service Association
  • 02
    • 2nd Investment from ActnerLAB
  • 11
    • Selection of TIPS Program from Korea Business Angel Association
  • 08
    • Establishment of NAIEEL Co. in the U.S (Denton/TX)
  • 03
    • R&D Funding from KOITA
  • 02
    • Registered "179th Research Institute Spin-off Company" of Minister of Sciense, ICT and Future Planning
  • 09
    • NAIEEL Technology established
  • 10
    • R&D Center establishied
    • Investment ActnerLAB (Business Accelerator)
  • 11
    • Move into Cooperation Center for Industry, Chungnam National University
    • R&D funding from Daeduk Innopolis Foundation
  • 12
    • Investment from Korea Science and Technology Holdings

Key Members

Mr. CW Kwak has been successfully developing the business strategy in the global semiconductor assembly and electronic materials industry, while he has been also working as a CEO of the CMT Corp. since 2010.

Mr. Cheolwoo Kwak Member of Board of Directors


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