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BNNT can dissipate the heat fast from the various IT/IoT devices
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  • Date : 2024-01-10

Synergistic effect on dispersion, thermal conductivity and mechanical performance of pyrene modified boron nitride nanotubes with Al2O3/epoxy composites, Composites Science and Technology 247, 110419 (2024)

We recently published a research paper in Composites Science and Technology (IF = 9.88) for the thermal applications of BNNT, especially for various IT/IoT devices. BNNT can efficiently dissipate the heat produced from the various electronic devices and systems when it is used as an additive as less as 1 wt% enhancing the thermal conductivity of the polymer composites higher than 60% compared to the one without BNNT (only Al2O3/epoxy). If you have any difficulty to download and read them, just let us know. Thank you for your supports.

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